Have you heard about phased orthodontic treatment? It’s a pretty simple concept that is basically exactly what it sounds like – phased steps over several years to achieve ultimate orthodontic goals.

Phase 1

Phase 1 is for younger children before their permanent teeth have all come in. This may include partial braces or other appliances. Phase 1 treatment is also known as interceptive because it’s a way to get ahead of any potential problems. The most common need for Phase 1 treatment is to correct bite problems.

Resting Period

After Phase 1, chances are that your child will get a break from orthodontics for a few years. This allows more permanent teeth to come in and his or her mouth to mature. It is possible that you may need to come in for checkups to monitor growth, but frequent visits usually aren’t necessary. You child may also need to wear a retainer or other orthodontic appliance during their resting period.

Phase 2

This last Phase is what most people will consider traditional orthodontic treatment. It is generally completed during the teen years. Metal braces or clear aligners are usually the best treatment option during this phase. This last phase will finish up their treatment and lead to their perfect smile!

Do We Need Phased Treatment?

There’s no way to know without a consultation if your child will need phased treatment. That’s why the initial appointment at age 7 is so important. By recognizing potential issues early, you can get started before treatment becomes more intrusive. And not all children need more than one round of treatment! Some skip straight to the resting period where they have checkups every now and then to monitor growth.

Get Started

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