SmileExpress was designed to meet a variety of needs.

Do you have a busy schedule? Did you lose your retainer years ago? Are you considering an at-home clear aligner program but are concerned about not having an orthodontist to ask questions? Durham Orthodontics has a solution for you!

Dr. Jay Durham is excited to offer a brand-new treatment option that will give you the beautiful smile you desire without the time commitment of traditional treatment. With the SmileExpress program, you’re able to enjoy the benefits of at-home treatment without sacrificing the quality of professional orthodontic care!

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Come in for a FREE consultation to meet Dr. Durham and the team

Step 2: Get your smile scanned so we can create your aligners. Once made, we’ll mail your aligners to your home!

Step 3: Follow the instructions for wearing your aligners properly.

Step 4: Show off the new smile you deserve!

Am I a candidate for SmileEXPRESS?

Every smile is different and unique! That is why we are always so excited to offer our patients a complimentary exam and consultation before you start treatment! During your exam, Dr. Durham will be able to take a look at your smile and determine whether or not the SmileEXPRESS program is the best option for you!

So all of this sounds great…

How Do I Start?

For any additional questions you may have, call our office today at (256) 325-0078 and schedule your complimentary consultation to find out if SmileExpress is the program for you!

Because we believe that it’s important to have quality care every step of the way, you have direct access to our team throughout your treatment.